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Brothers in the portfolio

17 August 2013 11:18

I just added brothers to my frontpage in the portfolio. It was incredibly hard to pick 5 images that represented my work on the game as I had been there from the start. I tried to pick those frive som what what I personally felt most proud of working on. So there you go. I'm also planning on making a developer video for brothers, however that one will probably be longer and more relaxed than the ones I've been doing before. I realised there is so much to talk about this game (both from a creative standpoint, but also from a pure design/technical one) that it would be almost criminal narrowing down the video to ~5 minutes. Stay tuned for more updates on the progress, however it might take a while, i really want to do this right.

Brothers: A tale of two sons Released!

08 August 2013 20:06

I'm proud to announce Brothers has been released and have been getting extremely positive reviews across the board. We currently score 85 out of 100 on average based on 24 reviews and are amongst the top 4 titles currently being sold on the Xbox when it comes to review score!

I think I speak for everyone on the developer team when I say that we are extremely happy that so many have understood what we where trying to do and that you appreciated many of the bold design decisions we made to make Brothers something out of the ordinary. I cant express how happy I am that I got the opportunity to be a part of the team making this game.

I'm working on Mirrors Edge!

11 June 2013 00:26

Only a week after my arrival at DICE the game I'm working on got revealed. When I first played Mirrors Edge I was so thankful that someone finally made a mature and modern action game with a strong female main character. Something I feel the industry desperately needs. I couldn't even in my wildest dreams believe I would get the opportunity to work on the sequel, but my time has come to help keeping the legacy of Mirrors Edge alive and making the new one as good as it possibly can be.

>> Watch the trailer here

Time to go to DICE!

03 June 2013 08:56

Its time to move on, two months ago I signed with DICE, and today will be my first day on my new job. I will be working as a level designer on an unannounced project.

Finally new developer video!

09 May 2013 20:34

As brothers just passed certifications for both Microsoft and Sony I've finally gotten some time to shape up my portfolio and finally made a developer video for Heist! I also put in a download link if you wanted to give the game a go.

>> Head over to the level design page to have a look.

Brothers is announced!

29 September 2012 13:23

Finally the current project at Starbreeze has been announced. I'm very proud to say that I've been working with this project since it's start when we where only 4 people at the team.

>> Click here to visit the official Brothers website

The space adventure game!

19 June 2012 00:01

I thought it was time to show off two teasers of my (still in extremely early development) space adventure game I'm currently working on where the players together play as the crew of a spaceship struggling to survive the harsness of space! (yes you can fly the ship...).



New project in the portfolio!

05 May 2012 15:01

Yepp, finally I'm finishing my first real programming project I call Heist. I will make a short developer video showing off the project soon, but for now there will only be screenshots of the project. Just head over to the level design section to have a look at it yourself! :)

Playing around in Unity

17 March 2012 12:21


I just started a new and really really exciting project called "SpaceCraft" which obiusly involves spaceships and stuff! I recently started playing around with Strumpys shader editor, and man, its as good as unreals material editor!

Below is an in-game pic that i put together to practice painting space skyboxes and getting believable 3D planets that blend nicely into the background. Many have asked how i did the rim of the planet. The technique is brutally simple: Its just a plane with a painted circle that always faces the camera:


New Portfolio piece

17 March 2012 12:17

I recently added my work on Syndicate on the frontpage. Sadly I cannot make a developer video out of that one due to NDA's and such. If you want to have a look, just head over to the Level Design section!

Just finished my first released game

26 February 2012 01:27


I always thought it would be a very emotional thing to, after all struggles, finally have a copy of a game you made yourself in your hands. It turned out that those emotions didn't erupt until i finished the game and saw the credits list. It's a really cool thing to finally have a game out on the shelves, and I can't wait to get more of them out there!

Syndicate is announced!

18 September 2011 09:53


I'm proud to say that Syndicate is finally announced!

I'm even more proud that the level I contributed with to the game actually was in the first batch of screenshots from the game :).

>> Click here to visit the official Syndicate site!

Pacing & Gameplay Analysis In Theory & Practice

03 August 2011 22:24



Its been a long time since i posted something here, but now I finally got my article Pacing And Gameplay Analysis In Theory And Practice published at Gamasutra!

This really feels like a great achievement for me. The response so far has been great, and I hope more articles will be published there in the future.

By analyzing the pacing of your game, writes Starbreeze (The Darkness) designer Filip Coulianos, you have a method to help hit creative targets -- Coulianos shares his process in a new Gamasutra feature.

>> Read the article here.

Project 25 - Two years old still going strong

27 March 2011 19:05

Hey everyone,

Every now and then something small happens that makes you really really happy. During the last few days I've had two e-mails from people who played through Project 25 thought it was good enough to let me know they've played it and enjoyed it. They even sent me the questionaire I attached with the mod.

It amazes me that people to this day still play it and enjoy it. What amazes me even more is that some of you even spend the time getting back to me with feedback and thoughts although the project is almost two years old. I really, really appreciate that.

That was all for now <3

Starbreeze announces Licensing of Unreal Engine

19 February 2011 00:56

Recently Starbreeze announced that we are licensing the Unreal Engine. Im also proud to announce I am part of the team working with it developing future games! :D

Site under construction!

13 February 2011 16:46


Hello again!

Just wanted to let you know im currently adding some new images of the Boulevard, however the youtube video isn't finished yet. Until then you will have to live with old video and new images of the level.

Article: Pacing in multiplayer

05 January 2011 09:37


I just got an E-mail from GameCareerGuide that they published my article about pacing in multiplayer games, finally! :D

I'm really happy and proud that they published this fourth article I've sent in to them. Hopefully ill make it to Gamasutra itself next time :).

>> Head over to GameCareerGuide and read it yourself!

Boulevard revisited

19 December 2010 12:52

I've never been to happy about the lighting of dec_boulevard, but it was one of those levels which just had to be released on-time. During spare hours here and there I spent some time hotting it up a bit. Here's the current result:



Fully employed!

31 October 2010 13:44


This wednesday i got my full employment only three months into the trial period. I'm really happy about this and will continue doing my best at the office!

In other news I have some cool stuff going on, but nothing i can reveal right now. Hopefully i can show off some cool stuff ive been working on besides work in the coming months.

Batman analysis on GameCareerGuide

14 August 2010 11:09


I just noticed that Gamasutras daughtersite GameCareerGuide finally published the The level design analysis of Batman Arkham Asylum.

I'm really happy and proud that they published this third article I've sent in to them. Next stop: Gamasutra!

Ayla came second in Indiedb contest!

23 July 2010 13:24


Thats right we made it to second place and won a free Unity pro license worth 1200$.

This is so great! Congrats to my friends at ludocity who made it into first place with their game "Bob Came In Pieces".

( Read more... )

>> Go to indieDB and read it yourself!

Ayla reached final at Indie DB Unity contest

16 July 2010 12:16


In the middle of my chart-drawing, analysing and article writing I got an exciting email; It seems like all the games from Futuregames Academy that attended the Moddb Unity contest actually made it to the final, including Ayla!

3 out of 10 games came from Futuregames Academy. The whole contest had over 50+ games competing.

Very exciting, I wonder who will win!

>> Head over and see for yourself!

DM-Fuji Released!

15 July 2010 17:12

It took me months to make the final push and kick the project out of the door. Well, now, here it is! DM-Fuji is finally!

>> Download DM-Fuji!

Ayla Developer Video Released!

10 July 2010 13:19

The developer video of Ayla is done. You can see it here:

Enough said!

New feature added to the portfolio!

05 July 2010 23:28

I just got help from Tobias Mollstam implementing a read more function for all portfolio pieces. This means I can add more text without cluttering the level design page with text in between each piece.

Great stuff!

I also added my latest creation, Ayla, as well. It's a 2,5D platformer game aimed towards XBLA, PSN and Steam. Head over to the level design section and check it out!

(Yes, I'm working on the developer video for Ayla, don't worry...)

Site under construction!

05 July 2010 12:10

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to let you know I will be upgrading the site with a few minor changes. Please hang on while i twist and turn the bolts.

Starbreeze here I come!

02 July 2010 14:10


I just got a job as a level designer at Starbreeze, YEY! The official title is mission designer and will include prototyping, scripting as well as level design, I'll start 3rd of August.

In other news our Unity project is done and I'll start working on a developer video as well as a pitch document as soon as I possibly can.


26 June 2010 16:32


Long time no see. That's because I've been working hard with Unity. Wihin a week or two I'll show you what I've been working with... It's gonna be awesome! :D

Playing with new UDK

21 May 2010 18:28

Played some with the new UDK build. I only worked with stock assets from UDK. The theme I vaguely followed was "Space Church" :D

Here's the result:




Gotta love em' corridors!


20 April 2010 16:54


On day 2 of the Unity course i managed to re-create pong without any previous coding knowledge. Just click the image and enjoy the awesomeness! Left player use W and S while the right player use Uparrow and Downarrow, or O and L.

Have fun! :D

Decadence postmortem on GameCareerGuide!

17 April 2010 00:03



I just noticed that Gamasutras daughtersite GameCareerGuide finally published the Decadence post mortem.

I'm really happy and proud that they published this second article I've sent in to them as well. Perhaps someday I'll post one on Gamasutra itself? Who knows!

>> Go to GameCareerGuide and see what the fuzz is all about

New features on the portfolio!

27 March 2010 19:16


Finally the shadowbox got implemented on the website!

This means that users no longer have to be directed to Youtube to watch developer videos. Big thanks to Henrik "Bladesinger" for help with implementation. Youre the greatest!

Iwon promoted by Epic!

15 March 2010 23:29

Site under construction!

07 March 2010 18:05

Hello again!

I'm currently fiddling, tweaking and haxing the site to make it look more awesome.

Please have patience while I'm twisting the bolts.

DM-Fuji developer video finally done!

07 March 2010 12:31

I've finally finished the short developer video of DM-Fuji. Sorry for the wait. Here it is:


Since this is my very first project using Unreal Engine 3 I'm very happy about how it turned out. I exceeded my expectations alot, and got very happily suprised by how powerful Unreal engine 3 is.

DM-Fuji up on the folio

21 February 2010 13:21


Long time no see. Thats because ive been very busy at Futuregames Developing something very special that I'll probably show off att the folio sometime soon. Just too keep things updated I added DM-Fuji up here as well. I'll be finishing the level and developing the developer video as first priority the coming weeks.


Technodome finally done

05 January 2010 01:27


Two releases this week, wow!

Finally finished the Technodome.

It's not too friendly on an old computer due to openness and isn't compiled with LDR for filesize reasons.

Hope you enjoy it!

>>Download here!

Decadence postmortem DONE!

03 January 2010 20:27


Finally I'm done with the Decadence postmortem. Its a reflective report on the mod Decadence me and my friends from the university of Skovde developed during a period of 1,5 years. It's 41 pages long and covers pretty much all the disciplines.

A big thanks to the rest of the Decadence team who helped me out and wrote parts of it <3.

>> Download the post mortem

>> Visit the official decadence website

Working with unrealED

20 December 2009 14:18

Since I started studying at Futuregames I've been playing around with the unrealED to get my bearings with the engine. My first creation turned out to perhaps become something interesting so I decided to continue working on it.

As a Hammer user since about 7 years back i thought i would find it difficult to get used to working with a new editor, but to my suprice, that wasn't at all the case. UnrealEDs basics proved to be very similar to Hammer, and since it offers tons of more tools and import/export capabilities I now feel like I'm really at home.

UnrealED is extremely easy to get around with and the way it handles packages and content and custom materials is very very impressive. Not to mention you can preview lighting within the editor! Such crazyness has never been Hammers strongest side. Another important note is that along with the game when you buy Unreal comes a DVD with 20+ hours of video tutorials that shows your way around the editor. Thats just awesome. The quality of the tutorials are much, much higher than Noesis tutorial DVD's for Hammer (which in my humble opinion shouldnt be allowed to be sold at all considering the low quality and very high cost).

However one thing that speaks in favor for the Source engine is the fact that Unreal is extremely focused on mesh based geometry, while source uses BSP for the most part. This makes it much more difficult to come up with original designs only using the editor when working with unreal. I believe that the pros easily outweights the cons, especially now when the Unreal Development Kit has arrived which enables anyone to make their own games with epics technology at no charge if you don't make more than 5000$ out of the product.

Anyways, heres some pics of what ive been doing the past 3 weeks:

bilder/blogg/unrealed/img1_thumb.jpg bilder/blogg/unrealed/img2_thumb.jpg

bilder/blogg/unrealed/img3_thumb.jpg bilder/blogg/unrealed/img4_thumb.jpg

Postmortem of Chit-Chat DONE!

13 December 2009 19:33



I just finished my postmortem while on the train to Stockholm about Chit-Chat, a board game me and fellow students designed during the introduction period at Futuregames Academy.

Below is a quote from the introduction:

"I'm Filip Coulianos, level designer and a general game enthusiast with a background in the action game genre of computer games. Chit-chat is a board game me and four fellow students at the Futuregames Academy developed during a period of three weeks as an introductory course to computer game development. It was as much a team building exercise as it was teaching us how to make fun games."

>> Read the full article here

Technodome developer video finally done!

29 November 2009 18:03


It's been a while since I wrote something here. This is because I've recently moved to Stockholm and been busy trying to find a permanent room and get my computer up here, but now everything is in order and I've gotten time to finish the damn thing!

You can have a look at the technodome video here:

Currently I'm working on two post-mortems that Ill hopefully will be able to publish "soon". The first one is a huge post mortem of the Decadence project, and the other one is a much shorter one about a board game project me and fellow students of Futuregames academy did develop in three weeks.

The Technodome is added to my portfolio!

16 October 2009 01:25


Finally i can show off some pics off my current project!

The technodome is a 2 month project with a bunch of unique features for the Half-Life 2: Deathmatch community. Head over to the leveld design section and have a look at the pics!

"The Technodome is a Half-Life 2: Deathmatch level with unique game play mechanics.

Based upon event based levels such as dm_crossfire and dm_runoff players in the Technodome has to collect energy cells to power the security door and get to safety from falling bombs. The energy cells can also be used to access the RPG and Crossbow.

Technodome has unique gameplay mechanics and even includes a special HUD-element only using only Hammer scripting. Level design, scripting, lighting and level beautification is made by me. Environment art made by Valve corporation. Additional art made by Pontus Karlsson and me."

Method for pacing analysis on GameCareerGuide

11 October 2009 18:46


I just noticed that GameCareerGuide finally published my article "Coulianos Method For Pacing Analysis".

GameCareerGuide is a daughter site of the well-known GamaSutra, aimed towards students.

I contacted Gamasautra about the article a couple of months ago asking if they where interested in publishing it. They suggested that GameCareerGuide was a better alternative, I agreed. They were very accommodating and I can definitely recommend anyone to send them an e-mail if you think you've got something interesting to publish.

Big thanks to Chris at the Gamasutra staff!

>> Head to the article

Questions from Damion

08 October 2009 21:24

A few days ago I had an email form a guy named Damion who had a couple of questions regarding my workflow when I do levels. I've seen these questions come up quite often on various level design communities and decided to write my own opinions regarding those. Here are the questions and answers:

When your to create an enviroment what is your work flow?

( Read more... )

When your creating a building, do you do so from reference?

( Read more... )

New blog added in my links

23 September 2009 10:15

Hello again. I just wanted to shout out that I've added a link to Arcade Bergs blog about game design.

One article that i found particularly interesting is "An Actual Game Design Test" which is about the worksample he did to get a level design job at GRIN. Good read!

>> Head over to "Learning Game Design with Arcade Berg" !

GRIN is sunk

12 August 2009 14:14

GRIN is going bankrupt. Another ~100 people lost their jobs in the Swedish game industry; a true tragedy. I can only hope that everyone keep their spirit up and perhaps form a new company or find somewhere else to work.

Good luck to you guys, I wish you the best.

>> Visit grin official website

Dm_Cloudcity post mortem re-released!

12 June 2009 20:16

Since I started a blog, to release all the stuff i have, and will, write I thought it would be a good idea to re-release the post mortem of Dm_Cloudcity; an old level I did three years ago for Half-Life 2 deathmatch. It is a bit too rough and ugly to be presented on my portfolio, but the post mortem still has some qualities :D.

The post mortem was quite well perceived back then since it was very unusual to write post mortems for such small projects. Now, more and more people document their work using blogs and such, which is fantastic and something i really enjoy reading.

You can download the post mortem for Dm_Cloudcity here.

bilder/blogg/cloudcity/thm_7769b.jpg bilder/blogg/cloudcity/thm_7769c.jpg

bilder/blogg/cloudcity/thm_7769a.jpg bilder/blogg/cloudcity/thm_7769d.jpg

dm_tech finally got a video presentation!

10 June 2009 18:46

Yey! Finally the last level in the level design section got a video presentation. Dm_tech, made in early 2007 is now added and shines with a nice youtube logo at the bottom of the level design section.

The project was originally started as a portfolio piece for Starbreeze as i looked for a job there two years ago. They declined my application and wanted something more "riddick-ish", thus i started the making of Dm_tech an finished it in only two weeks. When the level was done I did not apply again. Can't really say why... Anyways, here it is in all it's glory. Thousands of thanks to Philip Klevestav for the textures.

Bad news from GRIN

09 June 2009 15:55

Today GRIN shut down the Gothenburg office.

I've also heard that the recruiting firms has been all over GRIN recruiting people to other studios all over Europe. I have got quite a few friends who lost their job today, I really hope they all can find another one. Currently it seems like there are lots of studios out there looking for talented and experienced game devs, som I'm sure it wont be a problem.

I estimate about 15-20% of the game developer proffesionalls have been fired since the beginning of the financial crisis in Sweden which is by far the worst news in the swedish games industry ever. Since the financial crisis started to appear Avalanche Studios had to fire about 70 people, and now GRIN has fallen along the same path.

To all you GRIN guys that lost your jobs today;

Sweden is world class game devs and you are swedens finest. Don't forget that, keep the pride and be optimistic. Good luck.

Dm_Tech bundled with Modular Combat!

08 June 2009 17:05

A few days ago a new version (v1.74) of modular combat got released with dm_tech and dm_cloudcity bundled with the mod:

Currently the mod has been downloaded about 600 times, and people are still downloading every day. Great stuff.

I got contacted a few weeks ago by a guy from the modular combat team. He asked if they could bundle dm_tech with their mod, which was of course fine with me. I'm very happy that the old level actually can come to use somehow. I also sugested that they could take a look at my old level dm_cloudcity and offered them to bundle it too, which they apparently did.

Congrats to the Modular Combat Team for releasing and I really hope the project is going well.

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