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Dm_Cloudcity post mortem re-released!

12 June 2009

Since I started a blog, to release all the stuff i have, and will, write I thought it would be a good idea to re-release the post mortem of Dm_Cloudcity; an old level I did three years ago for Half-Life 2 deathmatch. It is a bit too rough and ugly to be presented on my portfolio, but the post mortem still has some qualities :D.

The post mortem was quite well perceived back then since it was very unusual to write post mortems for such small projects. Now, more and more people document their work using blogs and such, which is fantastic and something i really enjoy reading.

You can download the post mortem for Dm_Cloudcity here.

bilder/blogg/cloudcity/thm_7769b.jpg bilder/blogg/cloudcity/thm_7769c.jpg

bilder/blogg/cloudcity/thm_7769a.jpg bilder/blogg/cloudcity/thm_7769d.jpg

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