Filip Coulianos


Name: Filip Coulianos
Adress: Stockholm / Sweden
E-mail: coulianos [a]

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Professional experience

- Lead Level Designer (Hazelight Studio AB November 2014 - Present)
Hazelight studios is a studio founded by Josef Fares, film maker and game director of Brothers - A tale of two sons.

Worked on:

A WayOut - Credited as Lead Level Designer
* Designed, built and scripted several levels of the game.
* Lead a team of 7 designers throughout the development of the game.
* Participated in the entire production of the game, from the very first idea to the final polish.

- Level Designer (DICE June 2013 - November 2014)
DICE is a computer game developer situated in Sweden and is the creator of the Battlefield franchise now owned by Electronic Arts.

Worked on:

Mirrors Edge Catalyst - Credited as additional Level Designer
* Making levels, scripting scenarios and doing mission design. Most notably the mission Prisoner X featured in the final product.

- Level Designer (Starbreeze August 2010 - May 2013)
Starbreeze is a computer game developer situated in Sweden. Starbreeze has a good relationship with all major publishers around the world and a solid lineup of released games such as Chronicles of Riddick,The darkness and Brothers : A Tale of Two Sons.

Worked on:

Syndicate - Credited as Additional Level Designer
* Designed and built the level "Escape from Los Angeles" featured in the final product.

Brothers - Credited as Lead Level Designer
* Designed and built the layouts for most of the levels in the game.
* Did most of the Kismet scripting, related both to gameplay, cutscenes and more technical things such as level streaming and checkpoint logic.
* Followed the product in all stages from the very first idea to putting the finishing touches.

- Environment artist (University in Skovde September 2006)
At the university of Skovde did I worked a smoke diver simulator; a serious games project. The project was executed using the Source engine (Half-life 2).

* Worked with lighting and general level beutification
* Worked with tight deadlines and reported once a week to project leads

- Artistic consultant (University of Gothenburg 2006-2007)
As an artistic consultant I worked with professor Gunnar Bergstrom to publish his material in a digital format. My primary tasks was layout and image manipulation.

Non-profit experience

- Game Design Writer (Various websites 2009 August - Present)
Published a couple of articles about Game Design and Level Design with a focus on pacing in most of them. Five of them being published on GameCareerGuide and Gamasutra

>> Pacing And Gameplay Analysis In Theory And Practice (Gamasutra Feature)
>> Controlling Pacing Of Core Gameplay Mechanics in Multiplayer Games (
>> Gameplay Analysis: Batman Arkham Asylum (
>> Decadence mod Post Morten (
>> A Method For Pacing Analysis (

- Level Designer (Project 25 2009 February - May)
Project 25 is a singleplayer mod I developed for Half-Life 2 with about 30 minutes of gameplay. The project proved very successful with over 2000 downloads and was featured in the Belgian magazine PCgameplay.

* Did project planning
* Designed all levels by myself
* Wrote story, voice lines & collaborated with voice actors
* Scripted everything in the levels
* Organised play testing sessions and evaluated feedback

>> Click here to read more about project 25 and watch the developer video

- Leveldesigner / Artist (Decadence 2007- 2009)
A Source Engine based total conversion mod featuring two vs. two multiplayer first person combat set in a postapocalyptic future.

* Collaborated on finding a good level gameplay for Decadence levels
* Created many of the mod's environment models and textures
* Worked with project planning
* Worked with game design documentation
* Followed a product in all stages from the very first idea to putting the finishing touches and release of a game

>> Click here to watch a short introduction to Decadence

- Editor-In-Chief ( 2005-2008) was a swedish site for amateur level designers.

* Primarily worked with writing articles and tutorials about making levels for the Source engine
* Worked with communications within the staff


- Game Design (Futuregames Academy 2009-2010)
* Earned degree certificate.

- 3D graphics (University of Skovde 2006 - 2009)
* Bachelour of arts degree in media.


Below are the programs I am very experienced with:

- Unity
- Unreal engine 3
- Unreal engine 4
- Frostbite
- Hammer World Editor
- Photoshop
- InDesign
- Maya
- Visual Studio (C#)


- Swedish
- English

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